Caitlin Franzmann – ‘Space of a moment’


A moment is a specific point in time and yet indeterminate in period.  It can be past, present or future.  A moment can be of outstanding significance — a great moment in history — or it can be fleeting and ordinary, eluding our attention.

Caitlin Franzmann’s Space of a moment was an architectural intervention that meditated on the intangibles of time and space. The installation involved a false hallway constructed within an existing hallway and subtle echoes of a live audio feed arbitrarily fluctuating into piercing feedback.

For those not familiar with the original space, the work of art might have appeared non-existent.  What happens when nothing happens is an intriguing phenomenon.  Expectations may be fractured and perceptions altered.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, extended time within the space offered penetrating sensorial experiences; reverberations from the slap of a hand on the dense brick wall or the discomfort caused by arms lightly brushing as people passed each other in the narrow hall.

Through the duration of the exhibition, artists Leena Riethmuller, Ross Manning, Alrey Batol, and Lisa Lerkenfeldt were invited to respond to the installation.  A series of Moments resulted; performances exploring the sonics of space, the seen/unseen, fractured time and the psychology of the genuine and façade.

Specific, yet undefined.  In the past, yet still present in thought. Ordinary, yet somehow significant.