Peter Kozak – ‘Snow is Flesh’


Peter Kozak’s drawings are simple pencil and paper compositions that abstractly illustrate the frayed fibres of individual strands of wool. For the artist, the choice of subject matter resonated with experiences of illness, and the inevitable and uncontrollable changes that effect the human body on which we are all precariously dependent upon.

In this sense, the drawings can be seen as acts of meditation – producing beauty from the disconcerting consequences that a dependence on our bodies can create. In a similar way, the drawings can also produce a meditative effect for viewers, with the detailed fibres inviting a kind of contemplation that allows for adaydream-like suspension from self-awareness.

This suspension from self-awareness also takes effect in Kozak’s video works, particularly inVapour Trails’, which captures the sinking dispersion of vapour trails in the sky accompanied by a wistfully beautiful composition by Canadian musician Chris Reimer.

Peter Kozak would like to extend his thanks to the Reimer family.